See you in NYC in October at the Metropolitan Room!

Wow, 2015 was an incredible year with lots of music, travel, & discovery following the launch of my second album, "Right to Love." To everyone who's supported "Right to Love" and/or come out to share time, space and music with me as well as the many musicians who help me bring it all to life, thanks for being a part of my world and bringing me into yours.

I want to add that I lost my beloved mother in January 2016. She was my best friend and my greatest love. It was a devastating way to start the new year. And I've been out of it for a couple of months. I know it will always hurt, but I also believe my mom wants me to keep moving. I love and miss her more deeply than I can express. But I will carry her with me everywhere and always.

New York City calls. We're gearing up for another very special appearance at the world renowned Metropolitan Room on Saturday, October 15 at the prime time slot of 9:30 pm. Hope to see you there. "Life is a Song".

Meanwhile, I've got some awesome dates before and after the Metropolitan. Click on the "SHOWS" to see what we're up to and come check us out. Cheers! 

"Right to Love"
My second album, Right to Loveis in full release. The project features the Thad Wilson Jazz Orchestra and original arrangements of a number of familiar favorites and rediscovered gems. This ambitious, independent project can be found here as well as CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, and other such music distribution sites.

Various tracks from the CD have been added to jazz, big band, and cabaret radio playlists all across the country, into Canada, and as far away as Australia (thanks Lisa Reedy Promotions). I'm not sure exactly where it's all headed but the journey is fun and exciting. Let me know if you hear something from Right to Love played where you live. So far, here's what they're saying about it:

"Washington recalls an older generation of pop star, the crooner; however . . . Washington invigorates these jazz classics with a vibrant and mesmerizing personality that is uniquely him." — Stacey Zering (The Roots Music Authority - No Depression)

“. . . the kind of phrasing you got from the Coles, Eckstines . . . . more jazz in his soul than a
Broadway cat can be expected to show, this is a fine set . . . .” — Chris Specter (Midwest Record)

". . . a wonderful CD and Steve is an excellent vocalist. His interpretations of 'Caravan,' 'Quiet Nights,' 'The Lamp Is Low,' 'Alright Okay You Win' and 'Avalon' are right in the pocket." — Jim Stone, host of "Big Band Swing" on WNLZ Lansing MI

“Tasty stuff, in that sweetly soulful spot where jazz and pop come together . . . . work that wears
well and will last . . . Washington is an artist who has spent many years developing his chops and
knows how to apply his instrument to give shape to each song.” — Midtown Alex (Amazon)
“… a versatile and personable singer . . . . simply nice to hear.” — J.B. (All About Jazz)

Check it out for yourself. Order the CD or download the tracks. Tell me what you think. Add your comments. Share it with friends.

And I'm looking forward to more music and more fellowship in 2016!


"Life Is a Song"

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