Well, 2020 hasn't exactly been the kind of year most of us anticipated. But we go on, if allowed and tasked to do so. And music is still good medicine as it eases the pain and lights up the dark.
The events of 2020 have reminded us all that life is short and uncertain, so let's each of us enjoy our own journey as much as possible, even the rough patches and the mistakes. With the right perspective, they'll make us stronger, wiser, more considerate, more flexible. "What the world needs now is love" . . . as much now as ever.
Thanks for visiting and expressing an interest in my music and for being a wonderful part of this musical journey.

Best Wishes for 2020!


"Life Is a Song"

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...personally and beautifully interpreted.... brimming with honest feeling and passion, a truly mesmerizing experience."”

All About Jazz (Jim Olin)

"Right to Love" is in full release. It features the Thad Wilson Jazz Orchestra and original arrangements of a number of familiar favorites and rediscovered gems. "Right to Love" can be found here, at CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, and other distribution sites. 

"Right to Love" has been played across the country, into Canada, and as far away as Australia. Stay tuned and let me know if you hear something from "Right to Love" played where you live. Check it out...