It's 2023!
Folks, we made it through a PANDEMIC!! And this is the dawn of a "new normal." When I stop for a few minutes to ponder the last couple of years — the losses and heartbreaks, the instability and conflict, the fear and anxiety, that creepy feeling of being in an overly long, post-apocalyptic horror movie  — it's like waking up from a nightmare. I suspect there's a trace of PTSD thrown in there for good measure.
But I figure I'm here for a reason. Maybe it's to share with the world something constructive and meaningful and perhaps even joyful and healing. If so, then MUSIC is my offering. After all, music (with the right message) is good medicine, possibly the best there is without a prescription.
A great lyricist once wrote these timeless words:  "What the world needs now is love". Yes, that's probably as true today as ever. LOVE . . . and plenty of MUSIC. 
Thanks for visiting. Hope to see you in person . . . and soon.

Best Wishes for 2023!


"Life Is a Song"

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...personally and beautifully interpreted.... brimming with honest feeling and passion, a truly mesmerizing experience."”

All About Jazz (Jim Olin)

"Right to Love" is in full release. It features the Thad Wilson Jazz Orchestra and original arrangements of a number of familiar favorites and rediscovered gems. "Right to Love" can be found here, at CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, and other distribution sites. 

"Right to Love" has been played across the country, into Canada, and as far away as Australia. Stay tuned and let me know if you hear something from "Right to Love" played where you live. Check it out...